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Hired Guns Home Services is your trusted partner in retaining your property’s usefulness and enhancing its visual appeal. We offer diverse services, including patio coverings, residential & commercial roofing services in Spring, and much more, with an unwavering devotion to quality. Our commercial roofing services stand out as a beacon of reliability in the region where weather is unpredictable. We recognize the headaches of local businesses, like struggling with structural issues and the ever-present threat of severe weather that can disrupt your business operations. 

Our specialty is keeping roofs in top condition, and our seasoned experts apply their expertise to every job. From timely inspections and proactive maintenance to swift and efficient repairs, we ensure the durability of your roof, regardless of the season. Allow us to become your go-to roofing partner so you can confidently run your business.


Our Mission

To provide top commercial roofing services in Spring Texas, to protect your enterprise so your employees stay safe while you witness uninterrupted flow in daily operations.


Our Vision

As the commercial roofing expert in Spring TX, Hired Guns Home Services aims to set new industry standards by continuously innovating our one-stop roofing solutions.

Saving You Money Via Our Spring Commercial Roofing Services

Hired Guns Home Services excels in commercial roofing services in Spring and is a top choice for businesses seeking excellence and peace of mind. Our team of skilled roofers are masters in handling the demanding requirements of commercial roofing projects. We place a high value on longevity and durability, so your roof can endure anything, and you won’t have to pay for regular repairs. We also offer proactive maintenance plans to prevent potential issues, reducing downtime and costly emergency repairs. With our devotion to quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and responsive service, we are an all-in-one solutions provider. Depend on our roofing services to keep your commercial space in the best state.

Roofing Resilience: Protecting Commercial Properties with Diverse Techniques

We use diverse methods for maintaining the structural integrity and weatherproofing of commercial spaces:

  • We apply roof coatings to existing roofs as a protective layer. Coatings increase the roof’s waterproofing, longevity, and security.
  • We prolong a roof’s life by fixing small holes. It involves applying roofing cement and durable patch material to seal them.
  • Some commercial roofs require slope adjustments to improve water drainage and prevent ponding. So, we add tapered insulation to redirect water flow.

We comply with local regulations for safety and adherence to environmental standards.

A Customer-Centric Roofing Process From Inspection to Final Check

We follow a cautious yet simplified process that ensures the utmost quality and satisfaction for our customers:

  • We conduct a comprehensive on-site assessment by inspecting the state of your existing roofing system and understanding your needs.
  • Our professionals deliver you a thorough roofing proposal with a timetable, cost estimate, and a detailed scope of work.
  • After your approval, our certified roofing experts start executing the project accurately, adhering to industry standards and safety protocols.

After completion, we ensure a thorough quality check followed by cleanup and a final check to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Services

What We Offer

Residential Roofing

Our residential roofing services handle damage, wear and tear, leaks, or replacements. We provide excellent solutions to maintain your comfort and safety.

Commercial Roofing

We offer custom commercial roofing services in Spring, targeting your unique needs. We are here to provide a safe, long-lasting roof since we recognize their importance.

Fencing and Gates

Enhance the security and visuals of your space with our fencing and gates services. We create custom solutions that suit your style and protect what matters most.

Sliding Gates Installation

Upgrade your property's entrance with sliding gates. We specialize in efficient and secure sliding gate installations, providing convenience and comfort.

Patio Coverings

Enjoy the outdoors while staying safe from the elements with our patio coverings. We offer various options to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor space.

Solar Panel Installation

Reduce your energy bills and make an eco-friendly choice with solar panel installation. We ensure optimal performance by installing a solar system per your requirements.

Pressure Washing

Beautify your valuable space with our pressure-washing services. Our professionals help dirty surfaces regain their original glory like they were never dirty.
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Proper insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and prevents condensation issues. It also helps regulate indoor temperature and improves occupant comfort.

You can often retrofit a commercial roof by adding insulation, reflective coatings, or superb roofing materials to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Ponding water can lead to premature roof deterioration. Proper drainage systems, tapered insulation, and our regular inspections can address and prevent ponding issues.

Enhancing the roof’s resilience involves using impact-resistant materials, reinforcing roof structures, and implementing effective drainage systems. We can help you improve your roof.

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Minimize business downtime with our efficient roofing services. We work swiftly to ensure your commercial property stays operational, even during roof repairs or installations.

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We've mastered the art of commercial roofing, tackling complex projects with precision. Eliminate constant leaks and unexpected expenses with our seasoned professionals.

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